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The art of fashioning a diamond exclusively to realize its inherent beauty began in the United States in the 1860's. Before then, diamond cutters were simply expected to yield the largest finished stones.

The new style called for old world techniques to be brought up-to-date to the latest scientific standard. The end result was known as the American Cut. Today that style is called the American Ideal.

American Diamond Works honors and embraces the tradition of superior craftsmanship. We continue to work one-on-one with diamonds an individual artisan completes each gem from start to finish.

Mickey Brookshire has extensive experience in all aspects of the diamond trade from sourcing rough*; through assorting, designing, cutting & polishing, and repairing finished gems; to appraisals, sales and education.

At American Diamond Works every rough crystal is crafted to its highest potential as a finished gem. We also specialize in adding value to damaged, old-fashioned, and heirloom diamonds by refurbishing them to their original style and historic standard or through complete modernization.

Our inventory selection covers a full range of the standard sizes, shapes, and grades of gem diamonds as well as a complete array of our own designs including Rose Brilliant©, Star Brilliant©, Bullseye©, and US Patent Pending domed-topped Celebration Cut™ diamonds.

*American Diamond Works supports free-trade artisanal diggers throughout the world.

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